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Sat 21st Barrio Workshop Artspace hosted the International Press Club’s second event on the road to a homecoming parade for our troops. At this installment of the series a number of up and coming artists in cooperation with established artists like Frank Chinea Inguanzo and, Floyd Heglichs.

Featured up and coming artists of the evening included multiple disciplines. Visual arts prodigy Marisbel Lavastida, Photographer and performance artist “Donnie Danger” (Josh Lucy), Latino reality novelist Claudio Barcelo reading a passage from his new book and, the one and only vocalist, producer and performance artist Mercury Wolff accompanied by Womanmay, Komakozie & The Midnight Hour.  

The evening was officially sent underway by the braking of bread and sharing of salt (actually we shared a tasty virgin oil dabbed with a few drops of balsamic vinegar. after that and, thanks to our generous sponsors at Publix, the crowd was saturated with all sorts of sweets. Of course, the $2 drink of the night was Vodka Cranberry (Jenny Style) and, it quickly became a mandatory of the events dress code. LOL!

Personalities from the media, local political and international scene stopped by to say hello and give some encouragement to our new artists. And, as a special treat a number of the Occupy Miami movement also came to support the effort. What a truly wonderful bunch of young folk. We could not have asked for a more appreciative audience.

A number of other local artists and collectors also made the event and, we are happy to report there were some actual sales. We are not at liberty to disclose details but, it was not bad for an IPC- Mami arts event first.

Special thanks to Gallery Curator, Master Artist and Resident Art Director Frank Chinea, Gallery Owner and, Arts Patron Jose Fernadez of JFI Properties for their wonderful hospitality and generosity allowing us to hold this event at their wonderful location. We hope this will be the first f many more opportunities for such friendly collaboration.

Two other folk well deserving of our thanks and praise were our tech volunteer and presenter Josh Lucy. His technical expertise and unselfish reliability was a gift from heaven. Also deserving of high praise was our event hos ( and certifiable re-incarnation of Rita Hayworth) Ms. Jennifer Birgett Fumero. Jennifer handled the evening with her contagious bubbly personality and, made sure every guest left happy to have shared in the evenings art experience.

Finally, special thanks to our sponsors and organizers from Neo Terra Quest, AMSWORLDWEB, International Press Club Miami-Florida Association of Hispanic Journalists and the Independent Chamber of Commerce of South Dade for their devotion to our community at large!

At this time we are still compiling images and video from the evening but, below you can see some of the first images we have found.We will be identifying them and adding more through the week and, then they will become available on our new archive page. Be sure to come back to see more in just a few days to get an update.

Next week we ill be announcing the details on our next event. Stay tuned by subscribing to this newsletter or, by liking our new Facebook page at:

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Presented to Jose Fernandez and Barrio Work shopArtspace

for their genrous community spirit


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